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Systemy przeciwpożarowe - Bezpieczeństwo przed zagrożeniem pożarowym

Fire Protection Systems

In Plastixal’s product range, customers will find high-quality aluminum fire protection systems used to create external or internal fire-resistant partitions. The constructions we sell stand out with a high level of thermal insulation and resistance to harmful external factors. The fire protection systems offered by our company guarantee full compatibility with the existing window and door systems used in the building.

What is the purpose of fire doors?

Doors based on fire protection systems are installed in buildings exposed to direct fire exposure. Their primary purpose is to prevent the spread of flames, thus protecting people inside the building. Durable and made from high-quality materials, fire doors effectively shield the building’s occupants and enable a quick and efficient evacuation from a structure where a dangerous fire has broken out.

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Our Fire Protection Systems Offer

Our range of fire protection systems includes Aluprof systems, which are resistant to damage and safe to use. These systems allow the creation of fire-resistant structures used in organizing fire zones in residential and public buildings. A low heat transfer coefficient guarantees the structures’ resistance to high temperatures and other harmful factors that could damage the material. Aluprof systems also have excellent acoustic insulation, making them a very effective barrier against sound transmission.

In addition to fire protection systems, our company also offers high-quality folding, facade, and sliding door systems. We encourage you to explore the full range of products we provide.

Systemy przeciwpożarowe - Bezpieczeństwo przed zagrożeniem pożarowym


The MB-118EI fire partition system is used to create fire barriers with
a fire resistance class of EI120

MB-60e ei

The MB-60E EI system is used for the production of internal or external single- and double-leaf fire doors


The MB-78EI system is used tocreate
internal or external fire-resistant
partitions with single


The fire-resistant window, door, and partition system with thermal insulation MB-86EI is used for the construction of external partitions.


ALUPROF fire protection systems enable the creation of diverse architectural elements responsible


Three-chamber AS 75EI System is designed for the production of thermally insulated doors with fire resistance classes EI30 and EI60 for both internal and external applications.

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