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The FIXSCREEN® 100 EVO SLIM IM7 is a motorized roller blind model by RENSON designed for automatic operation without manual control. This screen complies with European wind resistance standards. The system is installed in front of or above the window, typically with a cassette that includes aluminum end caps supporting the roller mechanism. The design features integrated Connect&Go technology.


The cassette dimensions are 150mm in height and 110mm in depth.
Cassette shape: square (simple front cover).
For installation method 7, the cassette is enclosed by a low cover that rotates on the cassette profile and can be removed.
Profiles are made from extruded aluminum.
The cassette is equipped with the female part of the Connect & Go technology. The sides of the cassette feature aluminum end caps that support the roller mechanism and have pins for inserting the cassette into the side channels.


IM7: This system is installed above or in front of the window, typically with a cassette.
The integrated Connect & Go technology allows the installation of the cassette and channels first, and their additional securing if necessary, followed by the insertion of the fabric roller, establishing an electrical connection.


The spring roller with a fabric groove is made of galvanized steel.
The spring roller has a recessed groove for the fabric to limit fabric grip.
The end components are conical to create space for winding the symmetrical red slider.
The spring roller is equipped with the male part of the Connect & Go technology. This allows for easy installation/removal of the spring roller after detaching the front profile.
The spring roller can be removed downward at any time. It is easy to install or remove the spring roller from the outside.


The side channels are made of extruded aluminum.
There are two types of side channels: Type G (closed side channel in 3 parts): 35 mm S x 48 mm G and Type D (deep side channel in 3 parts): 35 mm S x 110 mm G. The external side of both Type „G” and Type „D” channels consists of three parts. They are directly attached to the window.
Screws are not visible from the front. The external side channels have a front profile that allows minimizing the base profile width.
In each side channel, we have integrated an internal H-PVC rail with an extruded wear-resistant coating, consisting of Neoprene buffer zones (60 mm in length) to compensate for wind gusts. A symmetrical red slider, which is heat-sealed to the fabric, slides in the H-PVC side channel. This securely fastens the fabric in the blind.
With the correct installation of the system, there is expected to be sufficient tolerance between the fabric, aluminum side channels, and the internal H-PVC rail.


The bottom rail is made of extruded aluminum and is loaded with galvanized steel rods. Dimensions and weight of the bottom rail: W 30mm x H 46mm (without dimming strip) – weight: 0.6 kg/m. Dimensions of the bottom rail: 20mm W x 30mm H S ≤ 2 m: ø22 mm; 3 kg/m S > 2 m: ø18 mm, 2 kg/m. The load is covered with PE foam to prevent contact between aluminum and steel. The bottom rail is equipped with plastic end caps. Available in 4 colors: white/gray/black/cream. The bottom rail fully retracts into the cassette at a total height of 2700 mm in the open position. The bottom rail partially retracts into the cassette at a total height of 2700 >H≤ 3500mm in the open position. In this case, the bottom rail is visible by 10 mm (including the dimming strip) relative to the cassette. 


This system guides the bottom rail and secures the cassette using bolts in the end caps that fit into the empty chambers of the side channels. The side channels, along with the weight of the bottom rail, ensure the perfect guidance of the fabric and its up and down movement.


All visible aluminum profiles (cassette, side channels, and bottom rail) are anodized (20 microns) or powder-coated in the same RAL color (60-80 microns) as external building elements. Aluminum profiles can be anodized (20 microns) or powder-coated (60-80 microns). The end caps are aluminum castings, powder-coated in the same RAL color as the profiles or anodized.

OPERATION Electric: 

Using a 230 VAC tubular motor, no manual control. The connection is included in the sun protection set. The power supply and all electrical wires are included in the electrical set. POWER SUPPLY AND WIRING (Connect & Go Technology)

The connector of the roller motor contains the male part, while the corresponding side bracket contains the female part of the connector. When the fabric roller is placed in the cassette, the sliders move along a straight guiding profile on the left and right sides of the bracket. One side of the side bracket contains the slider pin, and the other side contains the motor pin. This way, the male part of the connector perfectly fits the female part of the connector.


This screen complies with the European standard EN13561 (wind resistance class 3)*.
Fixscreen’s wind resistance is guaranteed up to 130 km/h in the closed position (tested on an 8 m2 screen).
Fixscreen’s wind resistance is guaranteed up to 127 km/h in the closed position (tested on a 9 m2 screen).
The wind resistance in the closed position depends on the screen’s dimensions (S x W) and is available upon request.

  • Report from tests conducted in an aerodynamic tunnel at the „Force Technology” institute (No. 113-25809).
  • Result of the strength test conducted by the WTCB (Belgian Building Research Institute) (No. 651 XE823 CAR4139).


  • 7-year warranty on Fixscreen technology:
    symmetrical red zipper remains in the side channel,
    optimal adhesion of the symmetrical red zipper to the fabric.
  • 5-year warranty against any defects in this product for 5 years from any defects during normal use and regular maintenance.
  • 5-year warranty on electronic controls.
  • 5-year warranty on the fabric collection.


This product has been manufactured in accordance with, complies with, and/or has been tested according to the following standards: EN 13561.
CE Declaration of Conformity – in accordance with the following EU directives:
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
Reference and certification:
Certificate RAP VV/GDB-20100927-1
Certificate RAP DO/GDB-20110318-1
Certificate RAP DO/GDB-20110321-1
Issued by J. VAN HEMELEN, Kortrijk, Belgium

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