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Systemy fasadowe MB-SG50
Systemy fasadowe MB-SR50


Aluminium façades are innovative systems used in the creation of modern, glazed facades in public, office, commercial, and service buildings. This is one of the most preferred solutions by investors when finishing facades. The properties of the material, which is aluminum, allow for the creation of spatial structures in various shapes and sizes, dependent solely on the vision and expectations of investors and architects.

Aluminum facades – safety and energy efficiency

Systems based on aluminum facades are used in newly constructed buildings, and the intention to install them must be considered during the facade design phase. The construction using aluminum facades guarantees safety and energy efficiency for buildings. Aluminum facades are also a modern tool for shaping innovative architectural ideas and visions. The high degree of flexibility in terms of choosing the shape and size of the facade allows for the construction of facades that meet the individual needs of the investor.

Aluminum facades from our offer

The aluminum facades we offer are Aluprof and Aliplast systems used to create glazed facade structures in buildings, with their main purpose being to provide proper sunlight to the interior, creating a comfortable and safe working environment. Unlimited design possibilities, excellent natural light comfort, very good acoustic insulation, and fire safety are the greatest advantages of the aluminum structures we offer.

If you don’t want your architectural vision to be limited by off-the-shelf systems, take advantage of our aluminum facade and sliding door offerings, which will give your interior a unique character.

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