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We manufacture high-quality aluminum windows and doors for homes. Our offering also includes custom-made constructions for clients. All systems produced by us are known for their durability and robustness. These nearly indestructible products boast modern aesthetics and elegant finishes. By choosing our aluminum doors and windows, you gain confidence in a solid structure that will withstand many years of intensive use.

Aluminum windows – discover their advantages

Until recently, aluminum windows were not very popular, but nowadays, they are increasingly favored by both homeowners and investors in public buildings. This is primarily due to the numerous advantages of aluminum. It’s an incredibly durable material, exceptionally resistant to adverse weather conditions, including moisture and excessive UV radiation. Despite being lightweight, it doesn’t compromise stability and rigidity. Window systems made from aluminum demonstrate good thermal insulation properties. They also excel as sound insulators. Aluminum windows are known for their elegant appearance, particularly complementing modern buildings with clean architectural lines. Another advantage of aluminum window systems is the possibility of creating large-scale constructions with extensive glazing.

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Aluminum Doors for Your Home

Aluminum door systems, produced from high-quality materials, offer an excellent alternative to doors made from other materials for your home. Their distinctive characteristics include high quality, an appealing design, and contemporary aesthetics. Aluminum doors for homes are not only suitable as entrance systems but are also ideal for interior and patio use. Additionally, they serve as an aesthetic complement to facades built with aluminum systems in modern public buildings. These door systems are robust, durable, and resistant to external factors, ensuring peace and security for your property for many years.

NEWAY Exclusive Doors – Modern Home Doors

Particularly noteworthy are our NEWAY aluminum doors, manufactured under this designated brand. These doors have been developed based on decades of experience and design efforts focused on achieving an attractive and original design while upholding the highest standards in structural integrity, thermal performance, and security. NEWAY doors incorporate modern technological solutions, control systems, and locking mechanisms. This is an offering designed for discerning customers.

Our Offering of Aluminum Window and Door Systems

Among the aluminum window and door systems available in our offering, you’ll find:

– So Easy Aluminium System
– Aluprof System
– Aliplast Aluminium System
– Panel Doors and Fillings
– Wala Door Accessories

We encourage you to explore the full range of products available in our offering. If you have any questions regarding the window and door systems we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact our company.

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