Standard Safety

Surface-mounted roller blinds are designed for newly built and renovated buildings where window replacement is planned. Their construction is based on a PVC roller box, which is placed on the window frame and then installed in the window recess.

Structural Specifics

Surface-mounted roller blinds consist of a PVC roller box, which is placed on the window frame and installed as a unit in the window recess. Servicing access to the interior of the roller box is provided by a movable inspection flap, always located on the inside of the room.

Thermal Insulation Solutions

After installation in the window recess, the front (external) wall of the roller box is usually insulated with a thermal layer and plastered according to the facade finishing standard. The inside wall of the roller box, visible from the interior of the room, is insulated with a thermal insert located within its entire width. The roller blind armor, visible from the outside, always has a convex shape with characteristic grooves running across its entire width.

Color Options

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  • Surface-mounted roller shutters RNK/E
  • Surface-mounted roller shutters RNK/XT
  • Surface-mounted roller shutters RNK/B
  • Surface-mounted roller shutters RNS
  • Surface-mounted roller shutters RNK/F

All variants of surface-mounted roller shutters in our offer come with a standard mounting profile made of PVC. In the case of wider roller shutters, a steel profile is also included to ensure a robust connection between the shutter and the frame of Aluplast window systems, as well as other window system manufacturers.


FLEXIBLE INSPECTION FLAP ROLLER SHUTTERS Roller shutters with a flexible inspection flap that can be opened from the front, bottom, or outside of the box, designed for recessed installation.


Versatile Roller Shutters for Integrated Windows Roller shutters designed for integration with windows, featuring an inspection cover that can be opened from the front or bottom, offering easy,

Two options for installation are available: full concealment, which makes the roller shutter completely invisible, and partial concealment with customizable finishing.


Roller shutters with a front-access inspection hatch, unable to plaster the rear wall, and an extended thermal insulation version


Innovative, hybrid external blind system based on an RNK/E surface-mounted roller shutter box with an enlarged inspection hatch

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