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We offer our customers custom-made aluminum special constructions. If you have an idea for a unique interior arrangement in your home or office, we can make it a reality. Just get in touch with us and share your plans. Our specialists are happy to advise customers and select the most suitable solutions tailored to their needs and expectations.

Glass Doors

While classic aluminum doors still enjoy great popularity, they are increasingly being replaced by full glass doors, which provide an elegant combination of tradition and modernity. This is an excellent option for avant-garde interiors characterized by simplicity and minimalism. The elegant appearance, functionality, optical enlargement of the room, the sense of lightness and security, and efficient illumination of the available space are just a few of the many advantages of these constructions.

Scandinavian-Style Windows Opening Outward

Scandinavian-style windows that open outward are a response to changing trends among architects and investors who increasingly opt for Scandinavian and English-style building designs. Windows of this type guarantee significant space savings, and they are highly airtight, which helps reduce the amount of thermal energy required to heat the rooms in the building.

Scandinavian-Style and Outward-Opening Windows

Scandinavian-style and outward-opening windows are a response to evolving trends among architects and investors who are increasingly choosing Scandinavian and English-style building designs. Windows of this type ensure significant space savings and, additionally, are highly airtight, leading to a reduction in the amount of thermal energy needed to heat the building’s interior.

Concealed Sash Windows

Concealed sash windows are a solution for discerning customers who seek to maximize the functionality of their windows. Their minimalist design works exceptionally well in modern buildings with clean lines. The balanced combination of user comfort with aesthetics and a contemporary appearance makes concealed sash windows the future of construction.

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Other Special Constructions

In addition to the special constructions mentioned above based on aluminum window and door systems, our company’s customers can order from us:

Okna z Ukrytym skrzydłem w firmie Plastixal
with concealed sash
Sliding Doors
Opening Windows
Mosquito Nets (Insect Protection)
Poznaj ofertę wewnętrzne ściany działowe
Partition Walls
Plastixal - Okna izolowane przesuwane w pionie
Vertical Sliding Insulated Windows
Balustrades and French Balconies

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