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Manufacturer of Aluminum and PVC Windows — About Us

As a manufacturer of PVC windows and aluminum joinery, we are committed to making our brand recognizable both in Poland and abroad. We want high-quality front doors, anti-burglar shutters, wood-like PVC windows, aluminum windows, and PVC windows to serve as our showcase. We are a manufacturer that constantly learns new technologies, remains open to customer and collaborator ideas, and is a reliable partner during renovations or construction projects.

Are you interested in stylish windows and doors from Poland? You can trust our experience and perfectionism.

PVC Doors and Windows — Manufacturer:
Our History

The Plastixal company of Mariusz Kołakowski was founded in 2006.
As a manufacturer of PVC windows, I began my operations in a small rented facility in Piątnica near Łomża.

It was just me, my family, and five experienced employees (two of whom still work with us today). It wasn’t easy. A young company trying to run window production and sales without a strong financial backing? „It can’t possibly succeed,” I heard those words most frequently. However, month by month,
the number of orders increased, and with that, employment opportunities expanded. After a year, our team had grown to thirteen people, and the young PVC window manufacturer could proudly showcase its first successes. Thankfully, the predictions of the skeptics did not come true.

Windows and doors — Export to European Union countries

A turning point came in 2009. At the encouragement of our customers, we expanded our product offering to include aluminum joinery. As a manufacturer of aluminum windows, we expanded our reach into the French market. Our windows and doors started making their way to France, and our exports began to systematically grow, becoming a significant source of income for the company.

To meet the challenges we set for ourselves, we needed a larger production space. In 2010, we acquired a plot of land in Stare Bożejewo near Wizna, along with buildings that needed renovation, and several modern machines.
This allowed us to produce not only windows but also other elements like external PVC doors. In June 2011, the PVC window manufacturer began operations at its new headquarters. In 2014, we built a new office along with social facilities, but we saw that the production halls were becoming increasingly cramped. Adding a warehouse hall provided only temporary relief.

Plastixal — Focused on Continuous Growth

Currently, we employ over 100 people, expand our facility by an additional 3000 m2, await the arrival of an innovative machinery park we’ve ordered, and our products (primarily windows and doors for export) reach several
EU countries, as well as the USA, Algeria, and Norway. We take pride in being recognized as a dependable and commendable partner in such challenging markets as France, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

We welcome collaboration with clients from both Poland and abroad.
Our window profiles, patio doors, and external house doors are designed
to complement a variety of architectural styles.

Discover New Possibilities

With Our Windows and Doors!

Our offer is not only excellent quality but also unlimited possibilities tailored to your needs. Choose Plastixal Windows and elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your home today!

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