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Our offering extends beyond high-quality window and door systems. We also specialize in the sale of additional equipment, including air vents, classic and anti-burglar external blinds, and fittings for windows and doors. We provide comprehensive solutions aimed at enhancing comfort and security, ensuring proper protection for property users.

Window Air Vents

The window air vents available in our range are innovative solutions designed for installation in windows or walls. Their primary function is to bring fresh air from the outside into the building. These devices, easy to install and maintain, are responsible for improving indoor air quality.

Depending on the customer’s choice, the air vents can be controlled manually or automatically. Importantly, the models we offer can be easily adapted to both plastic, wooden, and aluminum windows.

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External Blinds

Our additional equipment offering also includes external blinds for plastic and aluminum windows. We offer two blind systems – Aluplast and Renson. The external blinds available to customers provide effective protection not only against the sun and other weather conditions but also against intruders and burglars. A wide selection of available models ensures that every customer can find blinds tailored to their needs.

Window and Door Fittings

Our product range also includes fittings for both classic and sliding windows and doors. Locks, hinges, and handles are types of additional equipment responsible for the functionality and smooth operation of window and door systems. Their primary purpose is to ensure the seamless and unobstructed closing, opening, and tilting of window and door leaves. Fittings are also used as additional security measures against intruders.

Air Vents
Roller Blinds

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