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What Is a French Balcony? Exploring Its Charm and Appeal

A French balcony, also known as a French railing or a Juliet balcony, is a unique type of balcony installed in buildings where constructing a traditional balcony is not feasible for various reasons. It is typically a structure connected to balcony doors or very high windows, starting from about 15 cm above the floor. The French balcony is secured by a special railing on the exterior, ensuring the safety of users in case the parapet is too short. Among the key advantages of a French balcony are its uncomplicated construction, relatively easy installation, and lower cost compared to a traditional balcony. It serves primarily as a decorative element, designed to bring more natural light into interior spaces than a regular window.

What Drives the Popularity of French Balconies?

Despite their limitation in terms of stepping outside the home or placing a table with chairs, French balconies are currently in high demand. This is primarily due to their aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness. French balconies make a strong visual statement and are relatively affordable to install. They are a versatile finishing element that complements the modern trend of simple and minimalist architectural designs.

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