French Balcony - How to Choose and What to Consider When Making a Selection?

Everyone dreams of having their own apartment with a spacious, sunny terrace where they can spend time with family or friends. Unfortunately, due to architectural constraints of buildings, it’s not always possible. The solution to this problem is a French balcony – not only practical but also an exceptionally elegant element of facade finishing. How to choose the perfect one for your apartment?

Balkon Francuski Plastixal - Elegancja i Jakość
What to pay attention to? Here are a few tips to focus on when choosing this specific type of balcony.

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and finish


Aesthetic considerations

Balkon francuski – jak wybrać i czym się kierować przy wyborze?

Materials and finish

French balconies are made from various materials depending on the needs and preferences of the investor. The most commonly used materials are steel, aluminum, or glass. Steel railings are very durable and corrosion-resistant, while aluminum is lighter and easier to install. Glass railings, on the other hand, provide the most natural light to the interior. When choosing a specific type of balcony, it’s important to pay attention to the quality of the materials used and the solidity of the construction. The durability and safety of balcony use depend on them.

Door construction

Balcony doors serve the dual function of both a window and an access point to the French balcony. Their main role is to provide an adequate amount of light and allow easy access to the railing. Balcony doors are typically made of aluminum or PVC. It’s important to choose a model with the right thermal insulation parameters and resistance to atmospheric conditions. In this case, the way the selected systems open is also significant – the doors can be hinged, lift-and-slide, or tilt-and-slide. The choice depends on the size of the apartment and the individual preferences of the user.

Balkon Francuski - Kluczowe Kwestie Wyboru
Balkon Francuski - Praktyczne Wskazówki Wyboru od Plastixal

Aesthetic considerations

The French balcony is also a significant element for the appearance of the facade. When choosing the railing and the balcony exit doors, it’s important to pay attention to their design and color. They should harmonize with the overall building design and the interior of the apartment. It’s also important that the materials used for the railing are durable and easy to maintain, allowing for the maintenance of a high aesthetic standard over the years.

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