High tightness is one of the most important parameters of good window joinery. Airtight windows prevent heat loss from the inside of the building, contributing to maintaining optimal thermal comfort and reducing heating bills. Such systems protect against excessive external noise. Seals are primarily responsible for this parameter. Why is the choice of these accessories important? We explain it in the following part of our article. We encourage you to read on.

What function do seals perform in window systems?

A window is a product with a complex structure. It consists of many elements, including seals. Because there are several types of windows available on the market, there are different types of seals. However, their function is the same in each case. Seals protect against excessive airflow. It depends on them how much air gets inside from the outside. The better the seals, the more effective the protection. The quality of the accessories used determines the comfort of staying in different rooms in the house and the cost of its maintenance. Ill-fitted or damaged seals have an unfavorable impact on window tightness, resulting in room cooling and increased heating costs.

How to choose seals for windows correctly?

Properly selecting seals for window elements is not as easy as it may seem. In the case of new windows, manufacturers are willing to provide assistance in choosing the right seals. However, when the originally installed set no longer fulfills its function, and more and more air gets inside, you need to handle it yourself.

Seals should be chosen primarily based on the type of window. Different models are used in classic vertical systems compared to, for example, skylights. The same applies to the material of the profile. Seals for PVC windows are different from those used for wooden or aluminum systems. They are usually made of flexible plastics, which allows them to perfectly fit the protected surface. Among the available products, silicone seals and ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM) seals are particularly noteworthy. These accessories protect against moisture and UV radiation. They are resistant to extreme temperatures and other adverse external factors. Good thermal and sound insulation properties protect against uncontrolled heat loss and external noise.

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