A winter garden, also known as an orangery, is a glazed relaxation room that serves as a natural extension of the living room. Due to its specific construction and insulation, it can be used year-round, regardless of external weather conditions. In this article, we present the main aspects to consider when choosing a sliding system that serves as a transition between the living room and the winter garden.

Types of sliding systems: A rail sliding system is a classic way to install sliding doors. It consists of tracks mounted on the floor and guides placed on the doors. This design allows for free horizontal movement of the door panels, enabling you to open the winter garden from one or both sides. A threshold-free sliding system is characterized by the absence of thresholds on the floor. This is a very comfortable solution as it eliminates the risk of tripping over a threshold and facilitates easy movement within the winter garden. A folding system is an alternative to traditional sliding systems. Door panels are connected with special hinges, allowing them to fold like an accordion when opening. This system allows you to quickly open the entire wall of the winter garden, making the interior brighter and more spacious.

Factors to consider when choosing sliding doors: Before deciding on sliding doors for your winter garden, it’s essential to consider a few factors:

  1. Functional requirements: Think about how often you’ll open and close the sliding doors and whether you need a threshold-free system for easier movement between rooms.
  2. Appearance: Carefully consider the choice of materials and color for the sliding system to create a cohesive interior design for the winter garden.
  3. Budget: Before making a purchase, check the available price options and select the best sliding system based on your budget.

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