Window and door system for external installation

Designed with the downsizing concept in mind, the AS 52 system ensures the required parameters with full construction optimization. The thermally insulated AS 52 system is intended for creating lightweight, aluminum structures with high utility properties for external installations.

  • Door leaf integrated with the frame
  • Aluminum drainage caps
  • Self-cleaning glazing space
  • Option to use butt and surface hinges in doors
  • Arch structures, including welded ones

Selected features and parameters of the system:

  • Window frame and door profile depth: 52 mm
  • Glazing range for window structures: 2-42.5 mm
  • Glazing range for door structures: 2-33.5 mm
  • Thermal insulation Ud of doors: from 1.55 W/m2K
  • Thermal insulation Uw of windows and shop fronts: from 1.06 W/m2K
  • Possible types of hardware: aluminum
  • Possible types of hardware: PVC

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