Windows made of PVC are most commonly associated with white color, but brown profiles are equally popular. These are decidedly the two most frequently chosen colors.

How to Choose the Color of PVC Windows?

The external appearance of a house is composed of elements such as plaster, roofing, doors, and windows. Each of these elements should harmonize with the others, creating a unified whole. This pertains to color coordination, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything must be in the same hue. When it comes to window profiles, people usually aim to match them with the color of the front door. Meanwhile, doors and windows are often selected in contrasting colors to the facade or external wall cladding. Some homeowners strive for the doors and windows to have colors that are similar to the roof and gutters.

Of course, these are just general guidelines, and there’s no need to strictly adhere to them. The diversity of the construction market and the creativity of architects and homeowners allow for unique solutions in this regard.

PVC Windows – When Brown and When White?

Brown PVC windows are most frequently chosen for houses with many elements made of wood or wood-like materials. Brown is a warm and versatile color. It blends well with various facade shades, particularly beige, ecru, and subtle green. Darker frames are often paired with lighter facade shades, creating an interesting contrast.

On the other hand, white windows represent one of the most common choices. Interestingly, even wooden windows were traditionally painted white. White windows in single-family homes look especially appealing when juxtaposed with slightly darker facades. In practice, white goes well with virtually any plaster or wall cladding, making it a very versatile option. If you’re in doubt about which windows to choose, white is the most practical solution. It is also the most cost-effective option, as many manufacturers offer white PVC windows at slightly more attractive prices than other colors.

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